Navy-Marine Corps MARS in Vietnam

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Dec 6, 2005 Added a discussion forum for Marines and Sailors to relate their experiences for the book we hope to write from this project.  This idea was first mentioned by Phil Barnes-Roberts.

Aug 22,2005

Corrected W2AIR -from Air Force to USCG - Thanks to ITC (E-7) Eric Simmons, USCG

Added USMC SK Ebeling

Added W2AIR 

Added pictures to AI8AIR

June-July 2005

Added AB8AD - Link to Joe McIntyre

Added N0CSW - USS Saipan

Updated N0EEM Stories - Russ Miller

Updated AB8AG Stories - Fred Slaughter

Updated N0ETH Stories - Gary Enochs

Updated MARS User Stories

Updated The Word - New Poems

Updated Army Silent Keys - Heytow

Added Old Glory - Original and Revised to The Word

Added Dee Karabinus news article to NMC Member Stories

Moved Afghanistan article to War Stories

Moved Some of The Word articles to an Archive database / page

Removed Pantano articles from site- he was acquitted


Added Many New Members

Added AEM3NAD - Afghanistan with preview of QST Article- Thanks to Capt Jeff Hammer

How many of you checked out the picture of AEM3UAB in Iraq??

Added WOU - Ft Benning

Added AG4AY

Added AGA8OS

Added AJ3CT

Added K7FCT

Added stories to MARS Users, All Members story sections

Added story to N0RTW

Added Link to Operation Soldier - Patriot Down

Put Article 32 Recommendation for Lt Pantano on site


New - Members Stories Sections

Zero Beats thru 12/64 word searchable PDF's

Updated Silent Keys - all services

Updated Station Lists - all services

Updated NMC Stories

Updated USA Stories

Updated USAF Stories

AB8AAR Stories

USS Providence   CLG-6

Added N0CSB

Added N0CVG

Added N0RSN

Added AI8BU

Added AB8AAS




Check out "THE WORD" - Signs of the Time,  Passing of a Generation  & Mechanics Tool Guide! 

New layouts for operator and station lists include email/status.

New N0JPJ story. 

N0E* stations updated with current license holders


Automated the Operator Lists

Station/operator and Operator/station look-ups.

Lost track of everything.  Now have something up for all Stateside Marine 602 stations.

Updated N0EFD

Updated N0EFS

Updated AI8AB

Added AI8AIR

Added N0ASM

Added KA2EA - (USMC)


Added page for link to "Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund"

Added Approved Link Page


Added N0ETG

Added N0ETH - Photos thanks to Steve Grewe

Added N0ETI

Added N0ETJ

Added N0ETK

Added N0ETL

Narratives Added to all N0EF - Stations - look for your story

Updated AB8AAD - thanks to Randy Chavis for pictures

Added AB8AAT

Added AB8AF - thanks to Greg Pronobis for narrative

Updated AB8AJ

Updated AB8AX

Added AB8AO

Updated AB8AZ - thanks to Bob McCollom for narrative

Added N0EFY - thanks to Al Varney for narrative

Added N0XXN

Added N0NRI

Added N0NUI

Added N0NWF

Added N0RTY

Added AG4AI

Added AI3KU


N0ANP - Marines from MARS Citation

Marines from MARS Approved Link Certificate (see The Word)

Marines from MARS Approved Link Banner (see The Word)

Reworked Navigation - Navy Marine Corps Section now in place. Changed buttons.

Added new names to lists.

Added Navy-Marine Corps History Page - mostly MC

Added AB4AC - thanks to Jim Stephens for narrative

Added AB8AC - thanks to Allan Yackey for narrative

Added AB8AG - thanks to Steve Krueger for narrative

Added AB8AH - thanks to Mike Sullivan for narrative

Added AB8AJ - thanks to Ed Lyon for pictures

Added AB8AQ  - thanks to David Lane for narrative - link to Tim Boyd site

Added AB8AW - thanks to Sam Cook for pictures

Added AB8AX - thanks to Dave Frandin for pictures

Added AB8AAC

Added AB8AAD - thanks to Dave Frandin for pictures

Added AB8AAL - thanks to Lewis Downey for narrative

Added AI8AB  - thanks to Fred Jensen for narrative

Added AI8AM - thanks to Richard Prest for narrative

Added AI8BU - thanks to Errol Savoie for narrative

Added Air Force RVN Station List

Added Air Force All Station List (incomplete) Thanks to Roger Mundy, etal. for "AIR" list

Added Army RVN Station List

Added Army All Station List (incomplete)

Added a Silent Key page for Richard Page Army MARS

Added a Silent Key page for Peter Handleson Army MARS

Added a Silent Key page for Charles Rinehart Army MARS

Approved Link Certificate and Banner


N0ANP - Added pages - Updated history

N0RTW - Updated write-up

N0EFF - New Pictures - Thanks to Clay Conard

N0EFH - Added with New Pictures - Thanks to Clay Conard

Added ARMY Navigation Section

Added Air Force Navigation Section

Menu Navigation is changed with the addition of Army and USAF Sections.

Army Home page added

AB8AU Added - pictures thanks to Bob Peters, Steve Hall, Ron Kingsbury - link to Tom Boza site

AB8AV Added -  pictures thanks to Bob Peters

AB8AZ Added - pictures thanks to Bob Peters - link to Tom Boza site

AB8AAR Added pictures thanks to Vinnie Formisano

Added a Silent Key page for Lenore Jensen Army MARS Civilian Op

Added a Silent Key page for Robert Jensen Army MARS Civilian Op

Added a Silent Key page for Norvel Bowen Navy-Marine Corps MARS Civilian Op

Added a Silent Key page for Charles Ansoms Navy-Marine Corps MARS Civilian Op

New MARSmen Checked in or names discovered.

Updated Moss Silent Key


Added Red Phone Story/Pictures To N0EFD thanks to Bob Runyon

Updated Boso Silent Key

Removed Temp Page about Marine Mom

Commandant's 229th Birthday Message

Removed Reunion 2004 Page

Updated Walker Silent Key

N0EFA Added Weathersby Story "Incoming"

N0EFV & N0EFS Updated with stories from Dan Gannon

N0EFB new pictures from Dave Littleton

N0RSE/N0MET - added writings from Richard Nickoloff

N0RSB/N0MPN - Added/Pictures, Certificates/Letters of Appreciation - Thanks Wayne Justis

N0RTW/N0MBA - Updated

N0TEF/N0MTP - Added

N0ANP/N0MSD - Added

Lists updated


Added Silent Key Red Boni, some updates to other Silent Keys

N0ENV/N0MJI - Added also  Added Fred Berman Writeup -

N0RSE /N0MPN Added  updates to follow

N0RTW/N0MBA - Added updates to follow

Updated Lists - Look to see who is NEW.

Changed lists of Located back to HTML for now as several were having trouble with Java Scripts

Removed Reunion Signup Info -


Added Commandants Anniversary Messages- 3rd MARDIV 62nd Anniversary, USN Med Corps, Seabees, USAF, USA (The Word)

Added pictures to N0EFA from Ron Ignowski

Added Civilian Ops from Operation Hello in Omaha - Tinley, The Bowens etc.  Original Article by Hugh Tinley about Operation Hello (cut version published in World Radio) in "The Word". 

Added Service Rank or Civilian status (if known) on all CivOp lists

08/01/2004 New pictures of N0EFD (Larry DeBoni, Joe Brown); N0EFB (John Childress) N0EFP (Bob Holmes);  N0EFK (Bill Bushall);  FOUND - DeBoni, Ayd, Mulholland, Ignowski, Waddell, Driscoll, others updated addresses - see the lists. 
06/20/04 More names on lists - some updated addresses.  Leatherneck Articles.  New Silent Keys. Reunion Responses. 
02/29/04 Found some of our dogface brethren and they are contributing.  More Seabees on board and contributing for some of our station files  N0EFM in particular.  Added an symbol to use when email addresses change.  Some good shots of the Sanctuary (N0EFW) by Army visitor TJ Boyd-AB8AQ (link in USA Email).
12/05/2003 N0EFK - new pictures from Bill Bushall - Additional names on lists - Henry Radio story in The Word

Trying to get everything updated after the move to Florida!

N0EFB - Bud Rosenberg has given us new pictures - he can't remember the names of the Marines - help us out!  Barry Weathersby has sent some spectacular pictures of the San Diego Wild Fires.  See them under The Word.  Also the commandant's 228th Birthday Message.  1st draft of N0RSE/MPN. David Lee Foster contributed more to N0EFB and EFD and N0RTW earlier but I never mentioned it.  The Word - New photo from the front thanks to Bob Rivera. Joe Cutitta now has an email address.

08/31/2003 Added pictures to N0EFB thanks to Tom Cagan. Changed Page Heading. Updated Lists. Updated THE WORD.
7/10/2003 Thanks to Wayne Justis for some pictures and stuff from Sanctuary, also orders and participant lists to one of the early NMC MARS conferences. Also to Doug Thomas for some of the conference lists from the 70's.  From those we gleaned many new names and our first Coast Guard member.  Updated N0EFW with Wayne's picture etc.    Added Declaration of Independence to The Word.  Hope all had a happy 4th.
06/25/2003 Added names to lists from scouring through 1968 and 1969 Zero Beats

Using symbol to highlight items.  Will leave on for 30 days then remove.


1st drafts added. Come on gang we need more pictures and stories etc for all the stations.  If your station isn't among those with a web page that means we have no info or pictures other than the location. 

Updated lists and have a new Miscellaneous Artifacts and Facts page.

Access to Barry's Guestbook which he is allowing us to use.

06/05/03 -


Boy was I wrong!! Added new pics to Jim Kuhl; Vietnam N0EF stations - as I get each done you can click on the callsign and it will take you to the station write-up and pictures; All multi-operator station callsigns/locations from 1969 for reference only; list corrections and additions.

N0EFA, N0EFB, N0EFC & N0EFD 1st draft write ups. 

Added THE WORD - this will hold things like the CMC's Memorial Day Message etc.

Added Paul Cavnar's Photos to THE WORD.

05/29/03 Updated ALL lists.  Think I'm finally caught-up!
05/25/03 CMC Message ; Link to James Webb; Rotella & Kitterer Silent key updates
05/20/03 Chris Walker Silent Key added
Jan - May 03 List updates
12/24/02 Updated USMC Located / Unlocated - added Top Boso's amateur list below Unlocated
12/18/02 Added NavMC Civilian Ops - Amy Baldwin N0IHC
12/15/02 Added link pages to Barry Weathersby's MARS site and the Yahoo MARS&Vietnam Group
12/14/02  Added USN Silent Keys page  - George Moss
12/03/02  Added Zero Beat PDF files.  Added new pages behind Jim Kuhl on the Silent Key Page.  Added What's New!!