Navy-Marine Corps MARS in Vietnam


ATTENTION: MARS Operators and Users

A project for the USMC Historical Division is seeking written and oral histories of service and civilian personnel who participated as operators and users in the MARS (Military Affiliate Radio System) program.  Although the main focus is Navy/Marine Corps MARS during the Vietnam Era, contributions from all services and all eras are welcome and encouraged.

In addition, if you used the MARS systems to communicate with your families or others, using either phone patches (Over!) or MARSGRAMS, please contact us.

We are also seeking artifacts and photographs taken by individuals in the units for the exhibit (at the Command Museum and Historical Society, at MCRD, San Diego) MARSGRAMS, pictures of stations and personnel, orders (DNC-8) etc. Oral histories and letters written, as well as unit diaries and other documentation are welcome.

We would appreciate you answering the following brief questionnaire as a follow-up to your response.  So fire up your memory cells; dig out those old photo albums; peruse your old documents and let us know what you come up with!

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