Navy-Marine Corps MARS in Vietnam

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United States AIR FORCE MARS

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The History of the

Air Force MARS Program


The Army Amateur Radio System (AARS) began in November, 1925, The activities of AARS were suspended during World War II until 1946 along with all other amateur radio usage in the United States.  1948 saw the creation of the Military Amateur Radio System, later renamed the Military Affiliate Radio System (MARS) with Army MARS and the newly formed Air Force MARS.  In early 1963, the Navy-Marine Corps MARS was established.

The amateurs of Air Force MARS operated differently from the other services in Vietnam.  Duty at the MARS stations was voluntary and took place in the amateur's "spare time".   So these men first performed their primary jobs and then found time to dedicate to the MARS program.  Their efforts are applauded and appreciated.