Navy-Marine Corps MARS in Vietnam

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MCB 29 Palms, CA

 The oasis of Twentynine Palms was discovered in 1885 by a survey party commanded by Col. Henry Washington.  Twentynine Palms is now the home to the world's largest Marine Corps Base.  It is the premier training facility in the world for Marine operations and draws military personnel from all over the world for Combined Arms Exercises.  In 1952 the Marine Corps took charge of  the facility and it was designated Headquarters, Marine Corps Training Center and in 1957 it was commissioned as a Marine Corps Base. In 1979 the base finally became the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center. 

K6MCA was licensed to Marine Corps Training Center Force Troops, 29 Palms, CA and went on the air in 1956 due to the efforts of Captain Charlton and Colonel Steinhauser.  It's first licensed operator was SSgt Earl from 1st LAAM Battalion with SSgt Bob French from 1st Combat Services Group doing maintenance and rigging.  See more information under N0TEF stories. 

The call K6MCA  is still in use with Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center, Twentynine Palms Ca 92278-8100.  N0TEF has been assigned to Brian P Dean and N0MTP to Karla L Harris.  (01/01/2005)   

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