Navy-Marine Corps MARS in Vietnam


K7FCT Stories

Wayne Wiltse



I remember working Curtis LeMay from his Stratocruiser command post on 20 Meters. We were part of the 25th Air Division and were one of three isolated Early Warning Radar sites on the Pine Tree line.


I had always been interested in radio and they needed someone to operate the station.  I studied and passed my Conditional administered by our CO and NCOIC of Communications.  Received the Callsign...original by the way....W7AZO.  I was discharged in Feb 1956 and returned to Michigan where I became K8BTH which I still am today.  This August will be my 50th year as a amateur radio operator.


It gave me a since of helping and bringing good news to so many people whom I never met but new I had had some effect on. I still shudder when I hear my callsign on an amateur band.


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