Navy-Marine Corps MARS in Vietnam

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November Zero November Whiskey Foxtrot

NAS Cubi Point, Subic Bay, PI

Mark Coker, Cpl, 1972

  Was in the air wing at Cubi Point.  I was only working 1 out of every 4 days,  so I volunteered at the Subic Bay MARS Station,  and a week later,  I was detached from the Marines and assigned to run the Subic Bay station.  My boss was a Navy commander.  I was told never to wear my uniform nor tell anyone that I was a corporal in the USMC. 

Long story, but lets just say it almost cost me my life, as well as my honorable discharge from the Marines. 

I don't care to type, so please forgive my reluctance to try fitting an unbelievable and tremendous year of my life to text.....

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