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November Zero Juliet Papa Juliet


Hughes-Fullerton Employees Association Amateur Radio Club

Hughes Aircraft, Fullerton, CA

K6QEH at Hughes Aircraft, Fullerton became a multi-operator Navy-Marine Corps MARS station in 1967.  They preferred to refer to themselves as November  Zero  "John Paul Jones" in keeping with the Navy theme!  Housed atop Building 606 of the Fullerton complex, it was operated by licensed amateurs working for Hughes.  Other non-licensed Hughes employees also belonged to the club and helped with many of the tasks of preparing RTTY traffic, phone patch coordination and the like.  It is reported that Howard Robard "Sonny" Hughes, Jr held amateur license W5CY in the early part of the 20th century. 

Not only did N0JPJ provide radio links, but all MARS phone patches were made at no cost to the servicemen or their families.   All work was done on the employees own time.  Many Marine Corps operators stateside were also appreciative of efforts of N0JPJ as the civilian amateurs would gladly take over a days schedule on a Saturday or Sunday to allow the Marines a day off.  

In 1973 the club put up a repeater K6QEH/R which it still maintains.  With the merger/acquisition with Raytheon in 1998 the facility at Fullerton was shut down.   The license for the club is kept current and it still runs the repeater, however the ham shack is closed down and the club is no longer affiliated with MARS.  The 1x3 call N0JPJ is currently assigned to Irma M. Frye (12/31/2004). 

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