Navy-Marine Corps MARS in Vietnam

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Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Iwakuni is approximately 292 miles South of Osaka at the southern end of Honshu, the main island, in Yamaguchi prefecture, in the Nishiki River Delta.  Originally a Japanese Naval Air Station, after WWII it was taken over by the Australian and then the United States Air Force.

The US Navy took over the station October 1, 1954.  NAS Iwakuni was greatly enlarged in July 1956 when the First Marine Aircraft Wing moved its headquarters here from Korea.  A whole new area was procured on the north side of the station to make room for approximately 2,500 incoming Marines.  The station, which is approximately 1400 acres, was officially designated as USMC Air Station Iwakuni in 1962.

Originally operating as KA4MA with the Marine Air Wing at Itami AFB in Japan, in November of 1954 Marine Wing Service Group 17 the station sponsor, began its move from Itami AFB to the then Naval Air Station Iwakuni, Japan.  The station was rebuilt into almost a commercial looking station: 5Kw, 4-element wide spaced beam (strictly 20 meters) sound proof phone patch booth, etc., and went back on the air as KA5MA.  Captain Jerry Harness passed the reins to MSgt Lon Curtis.  Cpl Fred Berman was operating.