Navy-Marine Corps MARS in Vietnam

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November Zero Echo Foxtrot Romeo

Naval Support Activity (DaNang),  Chu Lai, RVN

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Amateur call N0EFR  is not assigned.

Mike Uhring, USN, N0EFR , 8/68 -12/69

I was asked by my division officer if I could build a MARS station, because I was an amateur radio operator.  I built and started N0EFR and ran it for sixteen months August 68 to December 69. 

I felt good that I could give all the troops a way to put their minds at ease, with MARSGRAMS & phone patches, while we were in this world of shit! 

I did my best to build antennas for Army MARS and Navy/Marine Corps MARS.  Also I repaired all Collins radio equipment that all MARS stations had in the area.   

Thank you for remembering me. After 32 years I thought everybody forgot me .


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