Navy-Marine Corps MARS in Vietnam

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November Zero Echo Foxtrot Foxtrot

Seabees Camp Rhodes, Quang Tri, RVN  

Amateur call N0EFF belongs to Richard A Flebbe, Jr and expires in 2008.

Had ham radio license and was "recruited" when transferred to MCB-10. Stayed in MARS until separation. Applied for and was assigned individual call after I was out of the Navy. Had probably an average experience in MARS in RVN-- shrapnel holes in squad tent used for station at N0EFF- several close calls there but luckily no one in MARS tent hurt (radioman in next tent had shrapnel wounds from mortar fire, we were out of tent during only close hit.)  No equipment damage.

I think the MARS duty was a beneficial experience, was something I was interested in. I had enlisted hoping to be an ET or AT but color blindness disqualified me for those schools.  In a MARS assignment, I was still responsible for my own rating qualifications for advancement, I was an Engineering Aide (surveyor) but was more interested in electronics and communications.

In case you are not aware of it, there is a book called "MARS - Calling Back to 'the world' from Viet Nam" by Paul A Scipione, AA2AV. I contributed to this book and have a copy of it. There are some errors in the book but for the most part was factual.  Was published in 1994. I have notes written in my copy of this, would be willing to share when time. Am being treated for Hodgkins disease and memory is not the best right now. My amateur call from 1964 to 1996 was WA0GFS.

Clay Conard,  N0EFF - 10/67 - 5/68

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