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Camp HM Smith, HI

An Act of Congress on March 17, 1941 approved funds for a new Navy hospital to be located on Oahu.  Hospital construction began on Halawa Heights in July 1941.  Commissioned Aiea Naval Hospital on November 11, 1942 expansion continued on the facility.  Thousands of wounded Marines and Sailors were treated on their way home from the war in the Pacific.  Following the battle for Iwo Jima in February - March 1945, the hospital was filled to overflowing with 5,676 in-patients, the highest number at any given time in its history. The hospital was deactivated June 1, 1949 when Army and Navy medical facilities were consolidated at Tripler Army Medical Center.

 In 1955, the Marine Corps selected the site as the "Home of the Fleet Marine Force Pacific." The installation was renamed on June 8, 1955, in honor of General Holland McTyeire ("Howlin' Mad") Smith, the first commanding general of the Fleet Marine Forces, Pacific, a highly regarded Marine leader during World War II, . The first Marines took up residence in October 1955, and Camp H.M. Smith was in full operation two weeks before its dedication on January 31, 1956.

In October 1957, Camp Smith became the headquarters for United States Pacific Command.  In 1994 Camp HM Smith was consolidated into Marine Corps Base Hawaii.

KH6AJF first licensed in 1951, was licensed to Fleet Marine Force Pacific Headquarters by 1958.  Neither KH6AJF nor N0EEM are currently assigned.  (01/01/2005)    Back to Top