Navy-Marine Corps MARS in Vietnam

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Kilo Alpha Two Echo Alpha

South Camp Fuji, Japan

I established the first MARS Station at South Camp Fuji, Japan in 1952/1953 with a BC-610 and R-388. Call was KA2EA.  It was issued by USAF Far East Command.  Back in those days in Japan, the Air Force issued all MARS station calls and authorizations.  It was common for the chief Op's first two initials to be issued if available.   I.e. KA2EA for Evan Aron Roberts.  There was no one else there with a license so when I transferred out to MC Supply Depot Barstow in 1953 the station was lost.   I was stationed at the MARS station at USMC Barstow at the time of my discharge.   My first US Call was W5IQS issued in 1953.   I remember Eddie C. Ray (Popcorn) USAF MARS at Johnson AFB in Japan.  I have heard that Eddie died several years ago.  We will return to US from Korea in January 05.  This is likely our last oversea assignment.

Evan Roberts, HL2/W5IQS Formerly USMC KA2EA South Camp Fuji, Japan 1952-53

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