Navy-Marine Corps MARS in Vietnam

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12th Air Force DASC, Bergstrom AFB, Austin, TX

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor is accompanied December 8th by an attack on the U.S. base at Clark Field, the Philippines. Captain John August Earl Bergstrom, 34, a reservist serving as an administrative officer in the 19th Bombardment Group, is killed in the attack.  Captain Bergstrom, born on August 25, 1907, a graduate of Texas A&M, is the first Austinite killed in the war. Urged by Captain Bergstrom's former employer, the Austin National Bank, Congressman Lyndon B. Johnson prevails on the U.S. Army Air Force to name the air base after Austin's fallen son.  On March 3, 1943, Del Valle Army Air Base becomes Bergstrom Army Air Field.

The base was closed in 1995.

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