Navy-Marine Corps MARS in Vietnam

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Barry's House and the USS Stennis

San Diego Wildfire

Entrance to Barry's House

Barry's House

Barry's House 1

Barry's house 2

Barry's house 3

Barry's House 4

Barry's House 6

Barry's House 7

Len and Jeanette evacked and spent Sunday night in their RV in front of the clubhouse, assuming they were homeless.

Richard and Laurel spent the first night here in their house after they rescued their motorhome, watching at least ten houses around them explode, all within a half mile radius.

The bomber pilots probably fly the most dangerous missions in peacetime.

The orange borate stains are the boundary between the fire and a standing home.

I asked one of these guys for a ride and he told me to think a long time before I asked for something unless I was absolutely sure I wanted it. I'm still thinking about it.

Hey... whatever works! Any Antenna in a crunch!

Here is a great picture of the USS Stennis with the glow from the San Diego fire in the background