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Memorial Video 2005

My Dear Friends,
Click the link below.  I cried as I watched this video.  Whatever our opinion is about this war the first and foremost thing to remember is there are families all over the United States that are suffering.  Our prayers and thoughts should continue to be aimed towards our troops this Memorial Day.
This is reality folks...a reality that can not change for this young family. 
For the families who have loved ones in Iraq...I pray for their safe return.
God Bless Our Troops and those who died for the price of freedom!!


William Seaman
 This is a very moving video of the funeral of a young Marine who was killed in Iraq. It's about 5-1/2 minutes long, and if this doesn't illustrate the amazing sacrifices our nation is making on behalf of the people of Iraq, nothing will.

As of 13 Jan, the poignant video you are about to watch has been repeated 399 times for 399 Marines who have paid the ultimate sacrifice during OIF ... like the sacrifice of Cpl. Robert P. Warns II, 23, of Waukesha, Wis., who died Nov. 8 as a result of enemy action in Babil Province, Iraq.  He was assigned to the Marine Corps Reserve's 2nd Battalion, 24th Marine Regiment, 4th Marine Division, Chicago, IL. 

Forwarded by Bill Brady, N0EFC  


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